• Approval to fabrication structural shop drawings which can consist of fittings/single parts, wrap templates, assemblies & HD bolt & marking plans.

  • 3D part marked isometric views of the complete structure.

  • Drawings can be supplied as hard copies, PDF or in CAD format.

  • Export files of members for CNC processing – NC & DXF

  • Export of 3D model in a variety of formats consisting of: IFC, DXF, DWG, 3D DWG plus more.

  • Client/ Builder interaction throughout the whole modelling process via Tekla BIM software or 3D PDF.

  • Analysis reports consisting of issued drawings lists, bolt lists, material lists, part lists, paint specification lists & purlin/ bridging lists. A variety of other useful lists are also available if required.

  • Phone contact support for rigging crews on site with any erection queries.

  • Workshop support for queries with fabrication shop drawings.